Posted on: March 15, 2017

Latest Fleshlight coupon codes & promotions

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About Fleshlight

Fleshlight is the number one best selling personal sex toy. The patented superskin material gives the feeling of flesh. Used alone or with your partner, the Fleshlight is more than an affect way to get off, it feels great too. Unlike using your hand, Fleshlight allows comfortable jerking off without you feeling the touch of your own hand.

Masturbation has proven health benefits like stress management, healthier pelvic muscles, secretion of endorphins, and cardiovascular exercise. Pretty much everyone does it. According to a 2010 study done, 94 percent of men admit to masturbating and 85 percent of women like to love themselves. (Which just means a lot of us are fooling ourselves.) Finding your solo climax is a great stress release, it’s safe, healthy for you and guilt free.

The Fleshlight was invented by a cop who needed a way to find release while his wife was pregnant. The flashlight shaped case makes a lot of sense now, but the hard work that took years to achieve was the patented superskin that feels just like real flesh.

What are our reasons? Sure it won’t replace the real thing, but when your partner isn’t around (or you’re between partners… how ever long that might be) that shouldn’t mean you give up on enjoying yourself. Look, the stigma that masturbation is wrong has existed for too long. We all do it, so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t enjoy it. Really it gets a little boring just wacking one off in the shower or when you wake with morning wood; treat yourself right with a little time to enjoy the full experience.

My Fleshlight collection are some of my favorite toys… I am a big fan and recommend the Fleshlight to any guy needing climax. I also don’t like paying full price and that is why I track the best Fleshlight sales and promotions. You don’t have to pay full price either, make sure you visit the Fleshlight deal page if you want to grab a deal!