Fleshlight: buy 2 sleeves, get 1 free!

Posted on: April 8, 2017

Pick 2 sleeves below and get the third free! Deal does not stack with other discounts, but you do get free shipping and best of all, no coupon code is needed to unlock this deal!

With 4 orifices to pick from (lady, butt, mouth & cheeks) and 10 sensations for each, you have dozens of combinations to choose from. Since your third sleeve is free, you’ll only pay $99.90 for 3 sleeves (that’s 33% off!).

Step 1: pick your orifice

There are 4 different orifices to choose from, lady, butt, mouth & cheeks. Get all 3 in the same orifice or mix-and-match.

Step 2: choose your sensations

With 10 to pick from, your have plenty of choices.

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